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We are mobilizers, experienced facilitators of short-term trips that specialize in connecting individuals, families, churches and communities to strategic ministry partnerships around the world.

Melanie and Bob Strobel
Begin With One
Grand Rapids, MI

Our connection to One Child Campaign began several years ago when long before partnering, Caleb David carefully listened to our heart for caring for the vulnerable in Ethiopia. His role has been significant in helping us as a family and now an organization to best understand how we might play a role in sustained change, education and empowerment in Ethiopia. In addition to carefully listening and guiding us toward our calling, One Child Campaign has coordinated four annual trips to Ethiopia to visit and learn as we work alongside our ministry partners on the ground in country. Caleb is gifted in connecting people, hearing their passion and putting that into action. At One Child Campaign they strive to listen first, hearing the needs of those from other cultures and finding ways to ethically and sustainably meet those needs. One Child Campaign has made my Begin With One trips so impactful and memorable as details were well organized and executed. Caleb has walked with our family and those who have joined us on past trips to allow the real work to begin upon returning home. Thank you One Child Campaign for always meeting us right where we are, for your vision and for partnering as we seek to stand in the gap of so many in need.

Steven and
Alyssa Sieb
Centreville, VA

One Child Campaign got our attention when a reputable ministry we loved and supported in Ethiopia told us that if we wanted to truly be helpful on a short term trip, One Child was the group to go with. This says a lot coming from those who are on the ground serving daily. Before we even stepped foot on Ethiopian soil, with team conference calls and incredible required reading, we knew that this was something different than any other short term trip we had done. Having now been on two trips, we can say with all confidence that that first hunch we had was right on. One Child is unique in the way that, from the get-go, it turns your attention to listening. You are not there to make yourself feel or look good. You are going to listen and serve in a way that preserves the integrity and dignity of those you want to help. Fair warning: these trips are not about you! They are about the people you meet. One Child Campaign helps you truly fall in love with people and the culture and all God is already up to in Ethiopia. Often the partners are effective ministries being run by locals who would not have a voice were it not for a group like One Child Campaign. As we came home and got involved in monthly giving and advocating we saw the same heart: helping without hurting. We have watched decisions be made on how to make God big and us small- humility in action. This basic premises of One Child Campaign is sadly an anomaly in the short term missions world. But once you get into it, you'll be blown away by seeing first hand how effective it is.

Michael Pierce
Associate Pastor
Moffett Road Baptist Church - Mobile, AL
Philippians 1:21

"In seeking to introduce members of our church to needs unknown to our comfortable lives in Mobile, AL, the Lord led me to One Child Campaign and its founder, Caleb David. As a pastor, the comprehensive service and handling of trip logistics made our visit to Ethiopia one of the finest missions experiences that I have ever been a part of. Calebs expertise and attention to detail in preparing a group experience on foreign soil was evident from the beginning. His relationship with existing ministries and understanding that helping is not a hand out but a hand up made for productive, insightful encounters with those committed to making a difference and lives in the process of being changed, even redeemed. The members of our mission team returned having made new commitments that continue to this day. Commitments to be His hands and feet, both here and abroad; to partner with those ministries that we were able to observe and work with while in Ethiopia; and to raise awareness of the observed needs by being an advocate for women, children, and communities in desperate situations. It is with confidence that I whole-heartedly commend One Child Campaign and Caleb David to you as you consider opportunities for service in Ethiopia. Their commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ, to Ethiopians in need, and to those who become a part of the One Child Campaign team are exemplary, trustworthy, and devoted to the glory of God which is the chief end of man. Go, give, serve with One Child Campaign!"

Jerry and Christy Shannon
Embracing Hope EthiopiaSenior Pastor of International Evangelical Church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

"We have loved having One Child Campaign Teams visit us at Embracing Hope Ethiopia over the past few years. Their teams stand out as exceptional in my opinion for a few reasons.

1. OCC Teams come ready to serve. Every time we have had teams come through OCC, there have been a series of conversations ahead of time about how they best can serve our local ministry. They continue to get it right, that the bottom line is about people coming to be servants in the way of our Master Jesus. We have loved OCC Teams openness to do whatever needed to be done, even if it did not make great newsletter material.

2. OCC Teams come with an understanding of poverty. We have loved seeing OCC Teams come with a recognition of their own poverty. They come to work alongside of the impoverished and the ministries that serve them, rather than coming with a need to rescue people out of material poverty. We appreciate their understanding that we all are impoverished in some way, that Jesus is the only one who rescues, and we must do whatever we can in the spirit of a servant to point the way to Him and only Him.

3. OCC Teams come with long term development in mind, that is less about making an impact and more about leaving an impact. We have loved how OCC Teams come prepared to work alongside of our local staff. At times we do not have glamorous jobs for people to do that gain them any recognition at all. Because of our circumstances in our local area it also can mean that team members cannot do work (that would take the jobs of others in our area) nor can they visit the homes of the moms in the project (because that would result in their rents being increased). They always are aware that anything teams do can have a long term effect - even with negative results so they are intentional and mindful to not cause harm.

4. OCC Teams come with a desire to empower our local staff. We have appreciated how OCC Teams come not to make names for themselves or to boost their egos, but rather with a desire to empower our local staff. They have been willing to defer to what our local leaders deemed to be the best and right solution. OCC Teams are always concerned about how the things they do could effect the organization and the long term ministry effects in the area. They have lovingly brought thousands of pounds of donations to serve the local ministry. We appreciate the willingness to acknowledge how locals know the culture best and that they will have opportunity to share Jesus relationally over time.

5. OCC Teams come with a desire to partner alongside of a ministry in tangible, long-term ways. We appreciate how OCC Teams have their eyes open to potential partnerships that could create a long term effect. It is my belief that any time we do missions we have to be thinking in the long term of 10 year or 20 year windows. OCC Teams come trying to build on what has already been put in place alongside of those who will be working to see long-term effects. Poverty is not solved in a 2 week trip and OCC Teams understand this. OCC Teams also leave questioning how they can resource those on the ground for these long term effects, rather than dreaming about the next trip they can take somewhere. We appreciate this outlook."

Ian Bentley
Founder of Steadfast Love Ministries
Social Entrepreneur with Parker Clay and Ellilta Products

"Preparing for a mission trip requires great leadership and an awareness of the best ways to build Gods Kingdom. One Child Campaign has always delivered great leadership, from setting expectations of everyone on the team, to serving each team member in such encouraging ways. Each and every time an OCC team has come through our ministry they are well prepared and have taken the time to understand our needs. This is huge when supporting organizations on the ground and we are so thankful for Caleb and everyone at OCC for the many ways they have impacted and partnered with us to serve God and His people here in Ethiopia."